WebBioPic TNThe inspiration for The Playroom Fairy came while helping my best friend, a single mother who has fought a long battle against brain cancer. During a time when she was too wiped out by chemotherapy to do much more than make it to her treatments, I looked around her apartment for ways to help her and realized that everything was in disarray – the whole space had become unusable. My friend had plenty of toys and activities to keep her daughter occupied, but there was no space in which she could use them.

Over the next several days, I moved every piece of furniture, deep cleaning every corner, and found a home for every possession that she and her daughter owned. I made the space functional and comfortable, and freshened the energy of the home by rearranging the elements of each room.

My friend was heartened and thankful for a space that felt comfortable and useable. I felt the waves of joy emanate from her as she explored all the changes I’d made. Basking in the glow of this feeling, I said to myself – I want to do this for more people!

As I considered the idea of enhancing other people’s lives by transforming their personal spaces for them, I observed her daughter using the new spaces I had created over the next few days. Children have always been my heart and soul, and with this recognition came the decision to work with children’s spaces and their things. The Playroom Fairy was born.

Having worked as a nanny for over a decade, I was well acquainted with all manner of disorganized, dysfunctional play spaces. It can be relatively simple to engage kids in playful ways that help them learn, but children need support and space to play optimally.

The miraculous transformation of a disorganized, under-utilized play space into a fully functional and dynamic play arena is my specialty. I am inspired to create spaces that are optimized for children’s education and development – that provide space for them to engage in activities, and maximize their ability to stay occupied in beneficial self-directed play at home.

Of course, optimized play spaces can be equally rewarding for parents. Children get to fully engage their senses and stretch their “learning muscles,” while parents get to relax and enjoy watching their children learn and grow in a space developed just for them.

I am a Seattle resident and former University of Washington Husky. Throughout the time I attended school, I also followed one of my passions – playing with kids – and worked as a nanny. I have always been deeply fulfilled by connecting with and caring for children. I speak Spanish and have experience in the field of early childhood development, as well as a B.A. in English Literature.

After graduating from UW, I met my husband, Chris, a scientist with a poet’s soul. We have a shared love of delicious food, language and of helping things grow. It was the process of planning and designing the look and feel of our intimate wedding – choosing colors, textures, accents, and creating a warm ambience of love and light – that led me to attend Bellevue College to study interior design. It was there that I became focused on the idea of creating spaces that were highly functional, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

It is my mission – and that of The Playroom Fairy – to support parents in raising well-rounded and socially capable children by supplying the space, the materials, and strategies to support children as they gain independence and define their own pathways into the big wide world.

Natalie Vires


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