It is exasperating when your children have ZILLIONS of toys, but still come to you saying they can’t find anything to do. Does cleaning the mess in your child’s room feel like a pointless project that will never end?

Have no fear – an Optimized Playroom can resolve these problems and more!

Due to a number of cultural changes, play is disappearing from the lives of children today. In the face of this problem, parents need to foster this essential piece of their children’s development more actively. Children need an environment at home that nurtures growth and development, and enriches their play – An Optimized Playroom does just that.

An Optimized Playroom Must:

  • Be safe, flexible, and have space for physically active play.
  • Have multi-use spaces/surfaces for developmentally appropriate activities.
  • Be stocked with a suitable number of dynamic, multi-use props, fun and educational toys and games, books, art supplies, and manipulatives like play-doh or clay, or small rock collections.
  • Be organized in such a way that the appropriate items are accessible to the child, and others are nearby, but require assistance to reach.
  • Everything should have a place, and things should regularly be put away so the space remains useable.

How an Optimized Playroom Benefits your Child:

  • Children with an optimized environment become more confident, creative and independent.
  • Children learn ways to occupy themselves, delay gratification, and innovate in response to problems – They learn how to come up with their own ideas, and they learn that, should boredom strike, they always have multiple options available for activities to engage in.
  • Nurture their natural motivation to master what is just beyond their current ability – Enrich their development with educational toys to challenge them, expose them to new subjects through books and stories, and allow them to engage in experiences of discovery and exploration.
  • Provide safe space for essential full body physical activity – reducing risk of childhood obesity – The more physicality encouraged during play, the less misbehavior your child will exhibit. Due to the fundamentally stress-reducing nature of a bit of wild and raucous fun, children are also calmer for longer periods of time after vigorous physical play – a focused time for better learning.
  • Help children develop a respect for cleanliness and organization by having a place for everything, and everything in its place – Children feel secure when they are always able to find their favorite toy in its rightful place. Children learn to be more self-reliant, and are empowered as a part of their community within their household when they take care of their own things.
  • Help your child develop a positive sense of self in a flexible and safe environment where there are no right or wrong ways to do things – the goal is simply to play!

How an Optimized Playroom Benefits You, the Parent:

  • An Optimized Playroom requires only minutes of adult guidance and participation to get your child started with a self-directed activity.
  • Reclaim more space in your home – When children have a dedicated space of their own, there is no need to have toys littering every room of the home.
  • Have the tools at hand to help your child engage in developmentally and educationally beneficial Self-Directed Play.
  • Enjoy more free time and space to take care of yourself and your home.
  • Invite friends over to enjoy your playroom and you may even get to socialize while your kids are happy, learning, and growing together.

Trust that your child is in a safe space, engaged in self-directed activities that nurture their academic, physical, emotional and social development.

Whether you enjoy immersing yourself in the world of play with your child,

Or simply need more time to do the things that adults need to do,

An Optimized Playroom brings the best of both worlds to you.

Have you observed how your children’s engagement in play relates to their environment? We want to hear from you in the comments section below!

Image Credit: Mle Jayne Photography