The Playroom Fairy’s Maintenance Service is designed to maximize your playroom’s playability. 

Once a month, The Playroom Fairy performs a room rotation service when new play materials are brought in, others are stored away for another day, and everything is returned to its rightful place. The only way to keep a playroom optimally useable is to make sure it is maintained. Every month, your children will come home to a new selection of rotated play materials, guaranteeing enthusiasm for play and deeper engagement with the wonderful things they own. 

A fresh rotation of play materials offers your children a chance to develop better focus as having fewer available options is proven to encourage children to spend quality time with what is in front of them. So many wonderful toys provide great opportunities to practice a skill or learn more about a subject – more time with each toy is a guarantee for deeper learning. 

Children feel a sense of security when they are able to find their favorite toy in the same place every time. The Playroom Fairy takes note of your child’s special things, and is careful to keep them out of rotation and readily available to your child. There are also a selection of items, such as art supplies, that are always accessible. 

Kids learn to value and take care of their belongings more when there are fewer of them to be put away each day. As an added bonus, teaching them to clean up after themselves is easier, since cleanup is a snap and should only take a few minutes.  

The Playroom Fairy’s maintenance service helps keep your kids engaged in play, and excited to learn with new toys rotated in from their collection. The maintenance service includes our parenting support, with which you can deepen their educational play experiences further through the use of our monthly-recommended toys, books, and films.

Let us show you what a well-maintained playroom can do for you!


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