Our Philosophy

It’s Time to Play! Play is essential at all ages. Powerful use of the imagination can be channeled into creative outlets as children become teenagers, and finally, inventive and productive adults. 

Play is often regarded as merely a way for children to pass the time. Today, however, research has proven that it is far more than silly whimsy – play is serious holistic learning business.

For children, learning is a hands-on, deeply immersive process of exploring a subject, asking questions, and enthusiastically seeking answers. This self-directed approach applies not only to young children of preschool and kindergarten age, but to children of every age, even well into their teen years. 

Pretend play is more than a chance to go on a magical, wacky, scary, or wild adventure in your own backyard. Pretend play, fully developed and supported, can provide a context for a unique form of education. It should be prioritized as constructive time spent solidifying and expanding your child’s sense of the world. The Playroom Fairy helps parents nurture and prioritize pretend play as the activity most beneficial for children’s social and emotional development. 

Supplying inspiration and expansive ideas for roles in play is one of the most important ways The Playroom Fairy helps to support pretend play for your children. As a parent, positively supporting play is the best way to make learning  pleasurable, to connect with your child and encourage their natural abilities to flourish. Your involvement encourages them to find joy in using their imaginations. 

The Playroom Fairy looks for ways to add a sense of wonder to play – tapping into this sense is a magnificently fun way to grasp the magic in play. Parents - keep in mind that your enthusiasm about play and quality time spent with your child has a massive influence on their level of engagement. By joining your child in play for as little as ten minutes at a time, you can be a major contributor to their success and their motivation to learn.

With the support of The Playroom Fairy, set your child up to successfully direct their own play experience, and watch them learn and grow exponentially as they play.


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