Playroom Design & Optimization

The Playroom Fairy’s Design & Optimization Service helps you raise happy, well-adjusted kids and infuse your life with more joyful play. Our optimized playrooms support vitally important self-directed play and provide opportunities for deeper learning experiences for children in any subject. With the appropriate materials at hand you can easily help expand your children’s minds by challenging them to take on different roles during play. 

An optimized play space helps you enrich your child’s life with a sense of wonder and curiosity, and sets the stage so you can learn simple ways to play with your children and establish a deeper connection. 

Optimizing your playroom is a major step toward enabling more positive, playful interactions between you and your child. Children with a place to call their own where they can easily engage in self-directed play automatically exhibit fewer negative attention-seeking behaviors. Your children will learn they have a myriad of choices available for constructive playtime and, with your encouragement, put down their screens in favor of more developmentally beneficial play. 

The Playroom Fairy will install a clean, safe, and well-organized system into your existing playroom. Your children will have a number of simplified, accessible and well equipped play spaces available to them. After a little introduction, they will need little to no assistance in approaching a number of play stations on their own and engaging in educationally valuable self-directed play. These stations can include dress-up, arts and crafts, building, pretend play stations, or room for active indoor play.

Setting your children up for self-directed play allows for more free time for you to take care of what needs to be done at home. Cleanup should be a breeze, as our toy rotation system helps simplify choices with a smaller number of toys available each month. This allows for your children to spend quality time with each toy they own, developing better focus and fully benefitting from the educational value of each activity. 

Not only can The Playroom Fairy rearrange and transform any playroom to make it more functional and developmentally beneficial, we also have an option to work with talented artists and designers for parents who want to create a custom design uniquely for their child that will inspire imagination and creativity. Reach for the stars and take your child’s play space to a whole new world! 

Included in our Design & Optimization service is one maintenance visit 30 days after the initial install. Parents can experience for themselves the wealth of individualized support The Playroom Fairy has to offer. Let us reset your playroom like new, complete a toy rotation to reinvigorate your children’s engagement in play, and make suggestions for possible materials that will supplement your child’s education and enrich their play.  

Fill out our monthly maintenance questionnaire in your email, and The Playroom Fairy will give you personally tailored suggestions for how to approach discussing complex issues with your children through the use of stories and films, positive behavioral strategies for getting the behavior and attitude that you want from your children, positive disciplinary tactics, and inspiring ideas for bringing more joy and play into your daily lives. 

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