Parenting Support

The Playroom Fairy advocates positive, playful parenting. This approach to parenting maintains a positive parent-child relationship, creating a deeper connection with your child. It involves taking the time and energy to effectively impart family values and help children learn lessons in a kind and respectful manner. 

The good news is, so much of this approach can be fun and accomplished through positive playfulness with the guidance of The Playroom Fairy. 

As part of our monthly maintenance program, The Playroom Fairy stays up to date through a quick survey on what your child is studying in school, major life changes and transitions, behavioral or emotional struggles, and any other personal information you feel is pertinent. With our recommended materials and simple strategies, parents are empowered to help their children through all of life’s challenges.

Through actionable advice from The Playroom Fairy, as well as the use of proper tools, parents can help children learn important social rules, deepen their exploration of a school subject, and better understand life lessons during play. Playful interactions with your children present subtle, savvy, and profoundly effective opportunities to impart valuable wisdom about right and wrong, developing character, and giving to others. 

The Playroom Fairy is here to provide you with strategies and behavioral interventions for some of the more challenging aspects of parenting. We want to hear your current struggle – Is bedtime a nightmare? Are your children squabbling? Do they need better homework habits? – We have many effective strategies and positive, playful ideas for making life run as smoothly as possible day to day. 

The Playroom Fairy is here to make life run a little more easily and help to raise a whole and happy child. Most attention-seeking and minor negative behaviors can be redirected through a positive interaction, and The Playroom Fairy can suggest many effective playful methods for teaching children to self-regulate, and develop emotional awareness. 

The Playroom Fairy guides communication between parent and child, following the developmental progression of your child to help you prepare them for natural physical, emotional, and social changes that occur. Anticipating  your children’s developmental needs contributes to a more peaceful, harmonious, and playful home, in addition to setting the stage for optimal development for your child. 

The Playroom Fairy suggests books and films each month to help teach your children about issues they are confronting or struggling with. Stories in books and films can provide a framework for discussing complex issues or emotions in a way that children can understand. These recommendations come with specific talking points and questions to explore with your children, allowing you to make the most of important teachable moments. 

Encourage positive behaviors and habits in playful ways with the help of The Playroom Fairy, and equip your children with the tools they need to be responsible, kind and considerate adults.


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