Words from happy customers

“I had high expectations for The Playroom Fairy going into my daughters room makeover. I also asked for a few things that I thought may be nearly impossible that she said she could deliver. She came through on all that she promised and so much more! She went beyond my highest hopes in transforming the room into a safer, cleaner, more efficient use of space then I ever imagined possible! Everything from the color that she chose for the walls, which my daughters and I love but never would have picked, down to the small details of labeling every space to make it easy to keep organized. My girls have never loved spending time in their space so much and I have never been happier for them to be in it, knowing they have a safe place to play, draw, write, read, learn and have fun doing it all! Thank you Natalie for pulling off the impossible!” - Andy, father of two girls – age 7 & 9

“Natalie took into account what my daughter was learning in day car, how accessible various toys and projects were, and then applied all this to the way she organized and planned our playroom. In the past few months, it has made independent and self-directed play a much more common occurrence, and as a single mother, those hours are priceless! My daughter was also thrilled with the surprised of coming home to a brand new space that was fun and educational. It really made her feel valued and cared for.

I would definitely recommend The Playroom Fairy to any friends who are looking to personalize and update their playrooms. We were so very happy with the results. Thank you!” - Dayna, mother of one girl – age 3


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